• Custom Values for Images

    This script gives you a way to use custom values at the account level and use them in images.

    	* Copyright 2020 GHL Experts, All Rights Reserved
    	* Do not share, or distribute this code without author's consent.
    	* This copyright notice must remain in place whenever using
    	* this code - DO NOT REMOVE
    	* Author: Anas Uddin
    	* Website:
    	var imageURLid = '#paragraph-id'; // add selector for paragraph containing custom value.
    	var images = ['#image-id']; // add in all the selectors ids for the images
    	var imageURL = document.querySelectorAll(imageURLid + " div p")[0].innerHTML;
    	images.forEach(image => {
    		document.querySelector(image + " img").src = imageURL;

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