Can You Use AI to Make a HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger?

I’ve got a fun one for you today…

You probably already know that HighLevel has some pretty advanced functions…

But did you know that there are AI integrations already baked into your platform?

The HighLevel hack I’m going to show you is built off of Google’s Dialogueflow, a natural language comprehension program that was developed for chatbots. And our project will let you target an existing database of leads with a simple question.

Essentially, the way Dialogueflow works in this case is to understand whether your lead is responding positively or negatively…

So words like “Yes,” “Sure,” and “Ok” would translate to a positive response.

This is what our project is going to look like:

HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger

When Would You Use This HighLevel AI Hack?

The whole point is that you want to take a large number of contacts and weed it down to those that are actually interested in your offer…

WITHOUT the added friction of launching directly into a sales pitch.

And that’s where the positive intent comes in…

See, when your leads say yes, it’s an excellent first step to get them engaged, and then you follow that up with a more standard campaign to convert them…

And even if they answer no, you could add them to a long-term nurture campaign (although we’re not going to create that in this guide).

So, what do you need to do? Here’s the three steps to implement a setup that uses Dialogueflow’s positive intent:

  1. Create an outreach campaign
  2. Create a follow-up campaign for your leads that have positive intent.
  3. Set up your positive intent trigger

Optionally, you could also add these features:

  • A long-term nurture campaign for leads with a negative or no response
  • A funnel landing page for traffic from your follow-up campaign
  • And even an appointment reminder campaign if you’re dealing with bookings

So let’s get started with…

Step 1: Create Your Outreach Campaign

The first thing we need to do is create an outreach campaign and add a single SMS event (alternatively, you could use email)…

HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger

Here, we’re just asking a simple question designed to generate a response from interested leads…

And if they answer positively, then we want to fast-track them to take action. It could be an appointment booking, a purchase, or any other action that you’re looking to achieve. For our demo, we’re going to target a booking.

Now, it’s time for…

Step 2: Create Your Follow-Up Campaign

At this point, we’ve already received a positive response from our lead and they’re engaged, so now we want to add in a call-to-action. Of course, you could make this campaign more complex, but remember that your lead has already stated that they’re interested…

We’ll create a single SMS event in our campaign that asks the lead to book an appointment:

HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger

And just like that our campaigns are set, but we need to tie them together with…

Step 3: Create Your Positive Intent Trigger

This simple trigger is what will move your positive intent leads from your outreach campaign to the follow-up campaign…

And all you need to do is create a new trigger rule:

HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger

For the event, choose Customer Replied and then add the following filters:

  • Reply Channel: SMS
  • Intent Type: Positive/yes
  • Replied To Campaign: Your outreach campaign

And for the action, select Add to Campaign and then select your follow-up campaign from the drop-down

The last thing to do is…

Test Your Positive Intent HighLevel Hack

Let’s take a quick test drive to see this setup works in practice…

Open up Conversations and select yourself in the left Contact list (if your details aren’t listed, just add yourself as a contact).

Then scroll down, click Add under Active Campaigns, and select your outreach campaign from the pop-up.

HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger Contact type

What this should do is send an SMS to your phone number with the event from your outreach campaign.

And here it is!

HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger

To test your setup, let’s send back a response…

HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger

Because the AI recognizes “Sure” as positive intent, we can see that HighLevel automatically adds us to the follow-up campaign (Replied Yes) that we created:

HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger Active Campaigns

And, as you might have guessed, now we receive the SMS event from the follow-up campaign:

HighLevel Positive Intent Trigger


Everything is working perfectly and your HighLevel positive intent setup is ready to go…

As you can see, this type of campaign and trigger is extremely useful for when you want to segment your VERY interested leads from those who still need more time…

Or when you want to re-engage with an existing database of leads…

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Note: The screenshots and idea for this article come from Chase Buckner’s excellent YouTube video describing this process. You can see the video here.

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